• YE YONGBO of S. K. D. SPORTS COMPLEX COMMUNITY Paynesville City, Monrovia Liberia
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Service Items

The industry chain advantages of integrating ship design, ship manufacturing, ship maintenance, ship dismantling, and shipping services provide customers with integrated and comprehensive services

Ship design

Following the international shipbuilding situation and the latest ship regulations, we provide shipowners with high-quality, reliable, economical, and durable ship design products.


The product line covers bulk carriers, container ships, engineering ships, passenger ships, fishing boats, yachts, and official ships, with a cumulative delivery of over 800 ships

Ship maintenance

Having various types of ship maintenance equipment, suitable for the maintenance and installation of various systems such as ships, machinery, electricity, outfitting, and painting

Disassembling Vessel

The ship dismantling equipment and facilities are complete, and the dismantling technology is strong. The dismantling operation is mainly mechanized, with a fast pace of work, low production costs, and high efficiency

Shipping services

A green and efficient medium-sized dry bulk cargo fleet managed and operated, ensuring safety and efficiency, providing customers with high-quality maritime transportation services.

Other services

Water engineering projects such as yacht docks, floating bridges, and water buildings. The service content includes consulting, design, construction, and management of engineering projects

About us

Provide a one-stop solution for customers' offshore needs

Our shipbuilding business and production base are located in Liberia, with modern production equipment and facilities, covering an area of over 1.7 million square meters and a usable coastline of 1.5 kilometers. The river is wide and the water flow is smooth, making it a natural shipbuilding port.

The company has a rich product line and outstanding technical and research and development capabilities, meeting the development, design, and construction needs of large and medium-sized bulk carriers, container ships, oil chemical ships, and small and medium-sized gas ships.

Focusing on the shipbuilding industry
Accumulated construction of watercraft
Shipping vessels
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